Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sun Ra's Arkestra Tues 11th Nov 2008

Well it wasn't Sun Ra just his arkestra sort of ..... but I enjoyed taking photos of shiny sequins, talking & smoking with knoel scott, 84 yr old Marshall Allen on the sax was a cool old dog, Fliss's sarcasm, watching some bad dancing and meeting acquaintances old and new..... 

“Man has to rise above himself...transcend himself. Because the way he is, he can only follow reproductions of idea’s, because he’s just a reproduction himself. He did not come from the creative system, he came from the reproductive system. But if he evolutes himself, he will come up from the creative system. What I’m determined to do is to cause man to create himself by simply rising up out of the reproductive system into the creative system . Darwin didn’t have the complete picture. I’ve been talking about evolution too but I’ve spelt it e-v-e-r.”

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